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Take a look at a SAMPLING of the feedback we have received from clients (for more see bottom of page) . . .

"Martha was very well received! She got an A+ from practically everyone in our speaker survey!"

Jack Rogers, Executive Director, Region VII International Association of Insurance Women

“From the looks of the evaluations, participants were not disappointed!  Comments included, ‘Very Valuable’ . . . ‘Excellent speaker!’ . . . ‘Funny Lady!’ . . . ‘Very Useful!’ . . . ‘Can we have her again?’  We found it very helpful.”

Catherine McCollum, Conference Coordinator, South Seattle Community College

"Thanks Martha!! You rocked….best speaker at the conference."


David Addis, Auditor, Illinois Secretary of State

"You are an amazing speaker. I wish I had ½ of your talent. I really enjoyed your program! . . . I took a lot away both personally and professionally. Thank you for being an inspiration to me and giving me another much needed kick start."

Deb Schmitz, Insurance Agent, Service Master by Clean In A Wink

"Thank-you Martha, I am so pleased that you had an opportunity to participate and share your expertise with our wild bunch . . . I believe the fates had a hand in it and I am so glad we connected. Your efforts really helped to bring this year’s program together in a big way and I will always be eternally grateful for your support. I received many verbal accolades from your ‘new admirers’ . . . Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you and thank-you again – there are simply not enough words to express my gratitude for all of your efforts."

Ellen Mantel, Program Chair, Eastern Region -- International Personnel Management Association

"Your 'savvy' style helped to make our conference a success.  It was not uncommon to see words like "entertaining" and "outstanding" on your presentation evaluations.  They found your session witty and funny and extremely applicable to their environments.  The impression you left on our participants is best summed up by one participant who said, "Martha Bryan —A+."

​Leslie Fritz, Program Director, California Park & Recreation Society

​“You received rave reviews - from EVERYONE I spoke to . . . You are such an engaging presenter and your tips and tricks will be well-utilized by this office.  CAPT Janin also expressed his true appreciation -- you were exactly what he was looking for . . . I will be sure to stay in touch and perhaps we can use you again next year!  I really have enjoyed working with you and learning from you.”

Kelly Hart, Legal Department Manager, United States Navy - Legal Service Office (RLSO) Hawaii

"Thank you for the great job you did at the council retreat on Saturday. From my point view it was exactly what a council retreat is supposed to be. Mostly because of the way you conducted it….Relaxed, open to discuss the future of the city and run on time."

Randall McKibbin, Councilman, City of Bonney Lake

“Thank YOU!  As a learner, I appreciate GREAT teaching and you did a wonderful job of teaching . . .  I will certainly keep your name in mind for future reference!”

Mike McGuire, Conference Planner, National School Plant Management Association

“Martha is the best I’ve seen in four years at DCMC.  She was professional, humorous, provided positive instruction, and was a desperately needed breath of fresh air.  Excellent work and my sincere compliments to those who made her presence this morning possible.”

Anthony Cicala, Program Manager, United States Defense Contract Mgt. Command


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