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Bryan & Bryan Associates is a training and development consultancy specializing in individual and organization excellence. We work with both public and private sector organizations and associations to improve people skills, to increase job satisfaction, to reduce negativity, to set goals and long term plans, to manage change, and to lead with excellence.  We achieve these results through our speaking, training, consulting, coaching and facilitation services.

Martha Bryan

Owner, Presenter & Consultant

Martha N. Bryan is a leading authority on the development of human potential and personal excellence. With an education background in teaching, she has taught at both high school and college levels and has held positions in both government and private industry. Her work career expands from farm laborer and cafeteria helper to positions in staff support, sales, training and personnel administration. She has served in leadership positions for a number of organizations - chairman of college advisory boards, president of women's organizations, president of personnel administration organizations and president of a financial institution.

After 20 years in public sector administration, Martha resigned to start her own consulting firm. She has a wide range of consulting experiences -- working with managers and staff at all levels of an organization. She has become a sought after speaker throughout the United States and Canada in the areas of Customer Excellence, Leadership, Communication, and Organization and Personal Excellence.

Martha is a high content speaker; her programs on implementing quality, excellence, leadership, vision and strategy, self esteem, and success psychology bring about immediate changes and long - term results. She gives such practical ideas, methods, tips and techniques that participants emerge excited, enthusiastic and eager to apply her ideas in their work and personal lives. Her dynamic interactive delivery style receives excellent response from clients and participants.

LET'S TALK . . .

I'm ready to answer questions, discuss possibilities, find solutions, and share knowledge.  I look forward to talking with you and helping you define your goals and realize them!  Call us at (425) 337-1838.

Martha Bryan, Owner

Bryan & Bryan Associates

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