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Helping people and organizations realize their potential and achieve success.

Conference Keynotes
& Workshops

Looking for a Conference or Education-Day speaker?  We provide Keynote and Wrap-Up Addresses, luncheon presentations, break-out session and workshop programs, pre-conference institutes, and full-day and multiple-day seminars. 

Need training for your staff?  Management team?  We provide employee and management training for staff at all levels within an organization. 

Want an outside facilitator who can guide an inclusive process and help your meetings and retreats run smoothly, stay focused, and achieve greater results?

We can help facilitate problem solving, collaborative thinking, consensus and relationship building, and negotiations by creating a safe environment and setting the tone for everyone to participate.

Our facilitation services will help you have more productive outcomes in all types of meetings including the following:











We are happy to talk with you about your needs, make recommendations, and provide you with an estimate of services.  Give us a call!

Interested in finding out more about our consulting and coaching services?  We would love to help you and your organization.  Whether you are trying to improve working relationships, increase organization performance, or improve a manager's skills -- you have come to the right place!

We work to ensure our consulting and coaching services meet the specific needs and desired timeline of each client.  We work within a client's budget for services and offer options for cost saving measures.

To fully understand what each client's needs are, most projects begin with a research phase which includes meeting with program coordinators, interviews with important stakeholders, reviews of goal setting sessions, past performance appraisals, and other important documents.  From there, a consulting and / or coaching plan is tailored to fit the cleint's specific needs.

Consulting and coaching services may include meetings with management team, one-on-one coaching, training to improve skills, facilitation of operating agreements and goal setting, on-going consulting, and anything else deemed necessary.

Upon completion of any consulting or coaching project, a written report is provided summarizing the work completed and giving recommendations for sustained success into the future.

Management &

Employee Training

Organization Consulting

& Executive Coaching

Meeting Facilitation

& Strategic Planning

•  Take This Job & Love It!
•  Surviving and Thriving During Times of Great Change
•  Overcoming Negativity in the Workplace

•  Gaining Control of Your Time

•  The Manager As Leader
•  Keeping Cool, Calm, Collected and Healthy When the Pressure Is On

•  Managing the New Workforce

Program lengths vary depending on customer needs, however most are provided as half-day, full-day and multiple day sessions.  We would be happy to recommend a program(s) and suggested length based on your needs and concerns.  Click below for a full list of the topics we offer.

Our all-time, most popular training programs include:


•  Communication: Up, Down, Across, Inside & Out
•  Personal Styles & Effective Performance

•  Your Role In Service Excellence
•  Gaining Control of Your Time

•  The Manager As Leader
•  Coaching Skills for Managers

•  Motivating and Inspiring Employees

•   Collaboration Building

•   Focus Groups / Service Feedback

•   Strategic Planning

•   Conflict Management
•   Team Building
•   Effective Communication

•   Critical Board Meetings
•   Staff Meetings or Retreats
•   Meetings Between Multiple Organizations

Any of our programs can be tailored in title, content and length to meet your conference theme and audience's needs.  All of our programs have been presented in varying lengths -- from brief 20-minute Keynotes, to full-day and multiple-day sessions. 

Our all-time, most popular conference programs include:

Anchor 1
Anchor 2


“Your presentations were excellent.  I attended all three!  Very practical applications of the concepts of goal setting, effects of positive and negative thinking, moving toward excellence, etc.  It was an excellent distillation of the best concepts from success and motivational literature I have ever heard!”

​Steven Smith, Conference Attendee, Iomega Corporation

“...Through your team building program and group meetings we got beyond the blame and non-communication situation we were in and began identifying the real problems that we were facing. Had you not worked your magic with this organization I believe many of us would have been exploring other career opportunities.”

Wayne Wantland, Communications Manager, Yakima 911 Center

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