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Martha N. Bryan, Bryan & Bryan Associates

This is a summary showing years in business and the evolution of our services.


As personnel administrator, presented first training program on human resource management to employees of Snohomish County Government.


Other local governments heard about this training and asked Martha to present it for their staff.  Martha did so for a number of local government agencies including the City of Everett Police Department.


The Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission asked Martha to present two management training programs for their managers.

Martha presented first Keynote Address at the Washington State School Personnel Association Conference.


Facilitated first retreat and strategic plan for Northsound Regional Support (Mental Health) Network.

Obtained a business license for Bryan & Bryan Associates and began presenting conference sessions and providing training programs to various organizations.  Topics included leadership, teamwork, communication, conflict, customer service, and time management.


Resigned from personnel administrator position with Snohomish County to concentrate full time on Bryan & Bryan Associates.

Presented first private sector training for the Boeing Company.


Began providing services internationally.


Completed first in-depth organization study and provided first executive coaching sessions for Spokane County.



Since this time, services have included conference speaking, training, consulting, coaching, and facilitation.  Martha has worked for over 600 organizations and associations throughout the United States and Canada.


Authored and published book titled, "Loving Your Work, Loving Your Life:  Winning Strategies for Business & Life".

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