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Below is a full list of the topics we offer.  All programs are tailored in title, content and length to meet your needs. Programs can be presented in varying lengths -- from a brief keynote address, to a short workshop, to a half-day or full-day program. Many topics also work well as multiple day seminars.​  For short descriptions of our most popular topics see our program overviews.




Personal Excellence

•  Take This Job & Love It!

•  Overcoming Negativity in the Workplace

•  Surviving and Thriving During Times of Great Change

Time & Stress Management

•  Keeping Cool, Calm, Collected & Healthy

         When the Pressure Is On
•  It's About Time . . . To Gain Control of Your Time & Life
•  Managing Multiple Priorities

Leadership & Management

•  Creating Excellence for Yourself & Your Organization
•  Using Leadership Skills to Influence & Direct
•  Managing the New Workforce
•  Leading the Four Generations at Work
•  Motivating & Inspiring Employees
•  Coaching & Mentoring
•  Flexing Your Leadership Style -- With

        Situational Leadership
•  Communication Strategies for Managers
•  Management Skills for New Supervisors
•  Conflict & Confrontation for Managers
•  Leading During Times of Great Change
•  Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
•  Managing Multiple Priorities
•  Communication Strategies for Managers
•  Conflict & Confrontation for Managers


•  Communication: Up, Down, Across, Inside & Out
•  Building Confidence, Composure & Competence
•  Communicating Assertively
•  Enhancing Communication Through Understanding

•  Emotional Intelligence in Today's Workplace
•  Dealing with Difficult People
•  Turning Conflict Into Productivity
•  Bridging the Gender Gap
•  Communication Strategies for Managers
•  Conflict & Confrontation for Managers


•  High Performance Teamwork
•  Leading High Performance Teams

Customer Service

•  The Employee's Role In Service Excellence
•  The Manager's Role In Service Excellence
•  Serving Difficult People
•  Communicating With Tact & Professionalism

           On The Phone
•  Quality Improvement Process


•  Facilitating Effective Meetings
•  Meetings! Meetings! Meetings! Making Them Work!
•  Effective Presentation Skills

Human Resource Management

•  Human Resource Management
•  Interviewing & Selection Based On "More Than

         A Gut Feeling"
•  Establishing Meaningful Measures
•  Performance Management
•  Discipline Skills for Managers
•  The Manager's Role In Sexual Harassment Prevention
•  The Employee's Rights & Responsibilities In Sexual

         Harassment Prevention
•  Valuing The Differences
•  Advanced Administration Skills for Office Professionals

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