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Martha Bryan is the owner, lead presenter and consultant for Bryan and Bryan Associates.  She has been designing and developing curriculum as well as providing speaking, training and consulting services for clients for over 30 years.  Participants continuously say, "Best session I've attended!", and "Wish we had more time." on evaluations. Learn more about her!


Looking for a particular topic?  We provide programs in the areas of leadership, change, teamwork, customer service, gender and generation differences, communication, conflict resolution, time and stress management, negativity, personal and professional excellence, and many more.  Take a look at the more than 40 different topics we offer!


Interested in improving your leadership skills?  Looking to increase your effectiveness with others? Striving for personal and professional success?  Wanting more "tools for your toolbox"?  Check out these self-help tips, strategies, and articles.  Be sure to check back often for updates and additions and join our mailing list to get tips and tools sent to your inbox!


"You are such a warm, dynamic, intuitive person – you are in demand for sure!  We got so many compliments on your presentation – and you – people were extremely interested in everything you had to say.  And all the pointers in your handout will help me get where I need to go."

Dottie McKinney,​ Conference Director

New Mexico Government Purchasing Association

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